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Underground Watering

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Various techniques are employed to regulate groundwater during excavation. Choosing the appropriate dewatering technique is an essential stage in nearly every building project. Every work has different conditions, thus each one needs to be properly evaluated. Because we have been rigorously testing our equipment for over 140 years in every conceivable scenario, we are able to guarantee that you select the most appropriate and economical pump for the task. This benefits our clients.

In order to enable excavation in dry, stable circumstances below the natural groundwater level, water is temporarily lowered during construction by pumping from wells or sump pumps.

Main dewatering techniques

Construction dewatering methods include bypass, flood control, wellpoints, and deepwells. Submersible pumps are situated in a drilled well shaft for wellpoint and deepwells, and in the area that has to be dewatered for bypass and flood control systems. Let’s go over these typical methods again.

Why it is important to choose the right pump equipment

Managers of construction sites need good financial justifications for equipment purchases. Our dewatering pumps are made to fulfill their demands, no matter how difficult the conditions may be in mines, tunnels, or building sites. In order for a pump to be conveniently transported on the back of a truck, it must be strong and light. You just want to plug in and pump; there’s no time for laborious installs.




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