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Soil Nailing Shotcrete Grouting Work

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The Grouting  is the most effective process of repairing concrete work which has been damaged due to inferior work or other reasons. It is also used for providing an impervious layer. Gunite and shotcrete  are common terms used to describe mixtures of port land cement and sand which are applied to vertical surfaces and to damage concrete structures for repairs and rehabilitation. The cement is mixed with slightly moist sand and then necessary water is added as the mixture comes out from the cement gun. A regulating value is provided to regulate the quantity of water.

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Typically, soil nail walls are built top to bottom. Usually, stages of three to six feet deep excavation are used to remove the dirt. Near-horizontal holes are drilled into the exposed face at intervals of three to six feet following each stage of excavation. The holes are filled with tension-resisting steel bars, which are then grouted in place. On the exposed face, a drainage system is put in place before reinforced shotcrete wall facing is applied. One alternative is to use precast face panels. Soil nails are fastened with bearing plates to their heads.




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