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Sand Gani Bag Shoring

Installation of Geotextile> Filling and Placement of Sandbags> Compaction and Anchoring > Reinforcement and Interlocking > Removal and Disposal

Addressing erosion management on the job site with sand bags for outstanding outcomes
Sandbags can be used to manage erosion; here’s how to fill them, put them in the right place, and stop erosion at the site.

One of those things we rarely give much thought to is sand bags. We don’t give them much thought because they appear to be so straightforward and easy to use on the job!

Hand-filling sandbags

First off, if you don’t have a sandbag filler, filling sandbags with a colleague is easier. The empty bag should be held out in front of them by one person who should support it on the ground. When the other person is prepared to add shovelfuls of sand to the bag, fold the top down like a collar and hold the bag open.

When holding the geobag, the person should ideally be standing with their feet apart and their knees bent. The person shovelling the sand should gently transfer the material into the bag to avoid spills.

Plastic sandbags or Geo bags

Polypropylene and poly sand bags are made of woven plastic fibers that are resistant to decay. Because they will be exposed to water more regularly, they are ideal for longer-term projects and applications like river erosion and water diversion. They are also ideal for simple, brief activities like weighting down barrier boards or road signs during building projects.




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