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Girder Piling & Shoring

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A structure is supported with shoring to keep it from collapsing. The most typical shoring methods we came across were used in the excavation phase of the building process. The purpose of shoring is to sustain a deep excavation in order to avoid the retained soil overturning and ultimately leading to a project accident.

Being structural engineers, it should be our responsibility to determine early on in the design process what kind of shoring would be best for the construction project we are working on.

Most Common Types of Shoring

During a construction project, shoring is a temporary structure that provides support to an unstable area. In order to prevent retained soil overturning, shoring techniques are most frequently employed throughout the excavation process. But there are a lot of additional circumstances where shoring might be necessary. Other applications for shoring include mending damaged or bulging walls, creating gaps in walls, demolishing a nearby structure, and more.


Shoring is a critical component in preventing structural collapse on excavation and construction sites. It also assists construction experts in following the most recent safety guidelines, ensuring that there are no delays in the project and that other workers are kept safe. Throughout the construction process, you can successfully reduce hazards and preserve stability by employing the appropriate shoring procedures.

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